Spent the weekend expanding my mind around somatic therapies at the Open Center in NYC, the world’s largest holistic learning center. Oh how life has gotten so much more daring since I studied Prana Yoga and received RYT certification there in 2006 with holistic MD, Dr Jeff Migdow. It was so great to be back in a place that celebrates integrated health and wellness and welcomes the community to indulge in life long learning amidst bubbling fountains, fine organic food and a quaint lobby library. This session was all about Reflexology as another stress reducing technique to restore our weary bodies, minds and spirits..from the bottom up! My goal was to learn the paradigm to share with several important people in my life: my husband that endures treatment based neuropathy, my yoga students that love relaxation and anybody else I might encounter climbing mountains in life(literally and figuratively) that need a relaxing technique to take them deeper down into their bliss body. So if you’d like a treatment that will knock your socks off, ping me for an appointment…I’m at your feet!