Had the distinct pleasure of presenting at NJ State conferences recently for Human Resource Managers, Fundraising Professionals and CPAs to name a recent few. Requested presentational topics varied slightly but one common thread remained: Business leaders crave connection! Whether I'm keynoting on Leadership Resiliency, Work/Life Balance or a myriad of subtle variations to help teams ramp up their professional presence, this much I know is true:

1. Leaders know first impressions matter! You dont have to be a model to prioritize managing your image. According to Princeton researcher Janine Willis, you've got one tenth of a second to put your best foot forward..so make sure your shoes are shined!

2. Leaders like Authentic & Aligned. You dont have to show up like a wound up toy to get and keep attention. The best traction builders are generous, sincere and do what they can, when they can. Simple in concept. Sensational when delivered.

3. Leaders are competent and care about how they show up in the world on and off the job. They invest in professional development, relationship building skills and image management while serving their communities, caring for their families,running their businesses and investing in self care.  So what's your dominant message? Feel free to drop me a line with your best Connecting with Confidence tip and I'll be sure to share it with your permission with our community of lifeleaders.