Sometimes in life, you just get lucky. So very grateful to one of my wonderful yoga students for a serendipitous invitation to her family's lovely home to join them for Wanderlust 2013. Wanderlust is an amazing outdoor yogafestival(the largest of its kind in the US by the way) that's held in several locations around the country to celebrate life, yoga, sustainability and community. We didn't hesitate to say "Yes!" and we're so glad we did as the Stratton mountain backdrop was delightful! We danced, sang, hiked, did yoga, ate great food, sipped organic wine and mingled with wellness seekers along the east coast for a full day. The festival runs four full days and I bet every one of those days is magical..We were jazzed and so very grateful to get one fabulous fourteen hour day to celebrate all the things that matter most: self care, silence, relationships, nature and new places in big, wide open spaces to break from the work we create and share in the world... Namaste!