We now live in a "credibility" economy, where who we are matters more than what we produce. So what's your reputation ranking? Do folks view you as a leader, a lurk, a saint or a j*rk? Maybe somewhere in between, depending on the kind of day you're having??

One of the great honors of coaching and consulting with so many diverse leaders around the country has led me to surmise the following:
1.) Leaders master self efficacy. They truly believe that they can effectively redirect their efforts and overcome challenge with inner fortitude and a supportive inner circle of trusted advisors. Call it self confidence, resiliency or an over the top positive attitude but be sure it yields great results. No matter how one frames their challenges, it usually culminates in an overriding sense of "we can figure this out." Researchers Everly & Flynn(2005) coined the phrase "PFA" for psychological first aid. Turns out the most effective leaders are highly proficient at developing a powerful "inner circle" of advisors that help them manage acute stress & the possible need for ongoing mental health support. The best leaders provide encouragement and support for others but are also equally aware of their imperative need to "refill their wells" to continue to lead by example. There is no band aid brand to great leadership. Invest in the best first aid kit that crafts lasting success for you and your teams at home and at work.