Sometimes serendipity exceeds expectation! Such was the case at the 55th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition where we connected with worldclass science, research and physician talent in early December. These leaders were committed to elevating medical innovation through their cutting edge work on display for four days in the heart of Nola.

Over 18,000 attendees merged their time, tenacity, passion and purposeful work to celebrate possibilties at the premier oncology event of the year. Luckily, we were along for the ride as patient advocates and symbols of what's possible for others thru a tumultuous medical journey. Sure, we enjoyed Tom's birthday on Bourbon St, alongside the arts, culture and fun that the city serves up 24-7 but we also dialed up our learning around esoteric terms like flow cytometry, blackswan research, CRAB criteria and cellular/molecular sensitivity testing. The stadium lectures were like rock concerts for a cure and the posters in the exhibition halls reminded me it was time to learn another foreign language stat. At the end of the day, I found zen at a local yoga studio to download the brain opening experience and eeked out a 3K run to support the International Myeloma Foundation where our running mantra was "no patient left behind". We are surely gunning for more time in our deep community of committed stakeholders and are grateful to our new friends around the world that beaded up with us in the French Quarter.

Bourbon StBourbon St.

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