Written by DonnaLyn Giegerich for the Small Business Development Center for Entrepreneurs at Brookdale Community College

As the economy rebounds and signs of green shoots in business building abound, here are three areas to consider for business insurance success. It's a new local landscape for many in the fascinating and frustrating world of insurance and risk management. Here are a few ways you can "improve your groove" in 2014 as a new or redirecting business in Monmouth and Ocean county.

Our coastal community businesses know first hand the affects of extensive 2012 Sandy damage. What many owners continue to grabble with when starting a business is the impact "Territory" will have on their business insurance success. Windstorm is a huge predictor of property damage in our coastal counties so understanding underwriting guidelines and pricing tiers in these locations is paramount to coverage placement success. Of course businessowners can expect to pay more for property insurance close to the shore, but many still fail to understand the coverage limitations, coverage availability challenges and the intricacies of the application process required to effectuate an insurance program. The second T is taking the "Time" to complete the new business insurance process thoughtfully. It's in a client's best interest to engage by requesting the "best coverage" to start the conversation and then adjusting the plan as budgetary restrictions dictate with a full understanding of coverage give-backs. Rushing through the process...

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