On a Mission to Transition: 3 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Groove

You may be smart, but are you effective? We live in an incredibly interesting or consistently exhausting world today. You frame it. Every job is temporary, life shifts are consistent and demands on our time and attention are endless. So how are you showing up these days? Tired or tenacious? Harried or hopeful?
This article will share three ways you can improve your directive passion in life because only you can create your own career luck and life satisfaction. First, a word about perspective. Consider embracing the fact that discomfort equals growth. If you're complacent, you're likely bored or underperforming. If your inner wisdom is prompting you to "share more, do more, develop more" then its time to address your "inner call to action" and start working on your purposeful personal plan. Here are three ways to improve your leadership groove.

  1. Think it, Ink it. Study after study confirm the efficacy of writing your goals/plans/dreams down. Find an accountability app, get a notebook or buddy with a pal that will check in with you regularly. I recently was reminded at a business function of the mantra "you've got to see it to be it." Imagine yourself tooled up in your goal state and start writing down what that looks like, sounds like and feels like. Get an evolving visual around what your leadership role will be in this new normal for you. Make the description visceral so you can actually taste and feel what it will be like to achieve that new role in your life. Revisit this inked identity to cement the achievement in your mind to keep the model molding to fruition. Be sure to ink goals that are attainable, time specific and concrete. Adjust accordingly but endeavor to stay on track...with your pen in hand!
  2. Read to succeed. Get yourself plugged into technology to learn where your community of liked minded thinkers hang out. Thought leaders are plentiful on Twitter, celebrants of life converge on meetup.com and podcasts are plentiful. So pick your book, your nook or your notable instrument of higher learning and start playing up as part of that scene. I was reminded of the power of good habits when the female CEO at the Campbell's brand shared she was a voracious reader of multiple books a week as a child which has informed her leadership style straight to the top today as a mother, wife and corporate influencer. As I prepared for my leadership keynote at her company, I challenged her team of leaders around revisiting timelessly empowering good habits like reading and succeeding because if we stop growing, we're instantly outdated today.
  3. Skill up. Building a new life or a new business requires refined relationship building skills. Terrified of walking confidently into a room full of strangers? Take a workshop on presenting well, networking with grace or building a brand with relational focus. Ask for feedback from trusted sources outside your fan club and learn how to adjust your dominant messaging skills so you're showing up in the spirit of "refined authentic". Listen more, conduit connections for others and tweek your communication skills so that you're not just smart, but exceedingly effective. Successful leaders are masterful at cultivating mutually rewarding relationships and the truly proficient work consistently to improve the lives of others while simultaneously improving their own.

In short, in order to amplify your brand in the world, you must create momentum from the inside out. So, if you're in transition and want to stay "on mission", try these three tools to improve your leadership groove. Feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts or comments at my site, on facebook or twitter @DonnaLynSpeaks . Namaste!

DonnaLyn Giegerich keynotes, coaches and consults in the corporate, consumer and convention space on integrated leadership topics. She is rewarded everyday by the progress and passion her clients share around bringing their leadership lives forward in the world. Learn more at www.donnalyn.org for workshops, seminars, speaking engagements and events empowering others. Meet us this season at Facebook - On The Lake Summer Series.