A wise sage once said "you dont age until your regrets outnumber your dreams". How's your ratio? One of the great honors in coaching high potential and seasoned leaders is supporting them as they craft and deliver their dreams. Some want to improve their groove in how they show up in the world, others want to lead more effectively and some want to learn how to be more passionate at the podium. Others want to strategically grow their businesses, expand their lives or simply redirect their efforts in the spirit of a life better lived. There's a growing countercultural movement gaining momentum around slowing down. So if being a workaholic is holding you back from being your best in business or life, it may be time to retrain your brain. Maybe its time to craft a calmer way of being by connecting with your inner tortoise. Feel free to join our community of life and businessleaders at facebook.com/YogaOnTheLakeSummerSeries every Saturday this summer. You may actually pause long enough to envision those dreams that will keep you unregrettably young!

Kayaking-Thru-Chemo-2008-014-two-turtlesSend us your best Kurmasana photo for a prize!


Sometimes in life, you just get lucky. So very grateful to one of my wonderful yoga students for a serendipitous invitation to her family's lovely home to join them for Wanderlust 2013. Wanderlust is an amazing outdoor yogafestival(the largest of its kind in the US by the way) that's held in several locations around the country to celebrate life, yoga, sustainability and community. We didn't hesitate to say "Yes!" and we're so glad we did as the Stratton mountain backdrop was delightful! We danced, sang, hiked, did yoga, ate great food, sipped organic wine and mingled with wellness seekers along the east coast for a full day. The festival runs four full days and I bet every one of those days is magical..We were jazzed and so very grateful to get one fabulous fourteen hour day to celebrate all the things that matter most: self care, silence, relationships, nature and new places in big, wide open spaces to break from the work we create and share in the world... Namaste!




Excited to be invited to attend the St Jude/Fed Ex PGA tournament this summer by our special friend and trusted tour guide Ethan. St Jude Children's Research Hospital is an amazing place fueled by $1.8 million dollars daily to support children battling catastrophic disease. The facility, off campus housing, gardens and guided day tour really helped us get our minds around this huge paradigm powering positive outcomes for the kids. Managing two adult killer cancers at once was challenging enough, but framed within the context of these kids... well, as I speak about at my engagements, perspective really is pivotal in adjusting our lens around life. Beale St did not disappoint, nor did the duck parade at The Peabody. Fireworks, minor league baseball, ribs at Rendevous and a rockin riverwalk to work it all off topped our daring adventure in Memphis. We loved learning that Elvis was a meditator while touring Graceland. I'll definitely circle back to musical Memphis if I can find a fabulous little yoga studio in this vibrant city with a warm, welcoming heart.




Honored to craft and facilitate two PowerPanelist events in 2013 around women repurposing their work lives and women that work hard, play hard. Our full house programming at the Red Bank Women's Club gathered smart, vibrant women in the spirit of collaboration, connection and commitment to community. March's program supported the Sandy rebuild efforts for Boondocks Fishery in Marine Park, Red Bank and May's event helped another KickCancerOverboard candidate get closer to a tropical island cruise! Our non profit has sent over 80 folks adversely affected by cancer on a funfest to sea for free and there's no stopping us now! Here are some key takeaway comments from our audience and power panelists at our sold out events:
1. Amazing networking! Always meet interesting and generous lifeleaders from around the state!
2. Love the energy in the room, the authentic & diverse power panelist share and professional facilitation! I'm a repeater and look forward to the next event!
3. Sponsors were aligned well with the program topic and I never felt pressured or pitched.
4. Food is fabulous..fresh, healthy, happy juices and an eclectic selection always from the vendors.
5. Love the comfortable, warm and inviting vibe that this historic Victorian provides the attendees..perfect venue in a hip little town!
Fall programming in motion! Don't miss us... Namaste...
Power Panelist May

Excited to share what I know to be true in the spirit of integrated leadership in Scott duPont's newest book Five Secrets to A Long, Healthy and Energetic Life! Thanks for the opportunity to share that yoga has been a big benefit in our wellness, work and life success strategies.

Teaching yoga around the world in the cold months of the year always warms our hearts for several reasons: 1) We get to "leave our heads so we can open our hearts" to the wonder of a foreign destination 2) We get to appreciate the bold old year and plan for the new exciting one and 3) We get to share yoga! with world travelers and weary wellness seekers... This year we met fabulous folks from Russia, Canada, Switzerland and Wisconsin to name a few in the magnificent jungle of Cayo, Belize at The Hidden Valley Inn. Can't quite describe the magnificence of sharing yoga from platforms perched at the edge of water falls in the jungle or at ancient Mayan archeological sites too big for even our best camera lens to capture..Let's just say we've been lucky on so many levels and feel honored to share it! Here's some fun photos, along with our new business page for our Yoga on the Lake Summer Series at Facebook.com/YogaOnTheLakeSummerSeries . It is, afterall, only a 5 mere months away! Namaste!

Belize 2013 Yoga Poses

Belize 2013

Belize 2013

Had the distinct pleasure of presenting at NJ State conferences recently for Human Resource Managers, Fundraising Professionals and CPAs to name a recent few. Requested presentational topics varied slightly but one common thread remained: Business leaders crave connection! Whether I'm keynoting on Leadership Resiliency, Work/Life Balance or a myriad of subtle variations to help teams ramp up their professional presence, this much I know is true:

1. Leaders know first impressions matter! You dont have to be a model to prioritize managing your image. According to Princeton researcher Janine Willis, you've got one tenth of a second to put your best foot forward..so make sure your shoes are shined!

2. Leaders like Authentic & Aligned. You dont have to show up like a wound up toy to get and keep attention. The best traction builders are generous, sincere and do what they can, when they can. Simple in concept. Sensational when delivered.

3. Leaders are competent and care about how they show up in the world on and off the job. They invest in professional development, relationship building skills and image management while serving their communities, caring for their families,running their businesses and investing in self care.  So what's your dominant message? Feel free to drop me a line with your best Connecting with Confidence tip and I'll be sure to share it with your permission with our community of lifeleaders.


Headed to Lenox, Mass to leave behind Storm Sandy assignments for just a day. You know what they say... Prioritize Self Care so you can Serve Others. Thrilled to be selected by the Kripalu Yoga Model Search Team to elevate holistic wellness thru challenge. One of the highlights of a leadership life has been integrating yogic principles in my daily business and community service life. Whether business consulting, coaching or keynoting, it always comes down to collaboration, competency and connection. Sharing yoga with our world helps us stay balanced, focused and present for what we need to do to make a difference in the lives of others. Drop me a line and let me know how you're integrating wellness in your world of work and service... Namaste. If you're local, join us Sat Nov 10 in Little Silver at "The Nest" 12-5pm for free massage and reiki sessions to Sandy soothe your weary weather bones..all welcome!

Yoga Instructor 300px


We had a blast building business and networking for success this year at our three sold out power panelist events! Thanks to our generous vendors, attendees, panelists and community of business leaders, we all benefitted.

Our series will culminate with a Gratitude Tea at The Red Bank Womens Club Sat Nov 17 4-6pm, so please join us to meet and greet some great gals doing wonderful work in the world. We'll also be talking about empowering programming for 2013! If you missed one of our events this year, you can catch some coverage at the RedBank-ShrewsburyPatch.com - Wellness Panel Connects Women in Health and Business . All welcome!


Little Silver Business and Professional AssociationThe Little Silver Business and Professional Association is proud to present DonnaLyn Giegerich, nationally known business coach and consultant, on Wednesday October 10th at 6pm. Please join us in the Little Silver Borough Hall Court Chambers. You don't want to miss this one!

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT is the President of DonnaLyn Giegerich Consulting, an integrated business/wellness company that empowers people and corporate teams to live and work at full potential. A national spokesperson and professional consultant and coach, DonnaLyn helps others with leadership resilience and work/life balance issues.

Mark your calendars now for this sought after and dynamic speaker. DonnaLyn's presentation on the "4P's of Perseverance" focuses on ways to continue to succeed as a business owner in this new and ever changing era we live in today. She will highlight ways to remain successful while overcoming challenge and still committing to self care. Her discussion on "The New Networking Paradigm" will also be included and certainly a topic of interest. DonnaLyn will provide an overview on the value and importance of service to the community.

Check out DonnaLyn's workshops, seminars and speaking engagements which are viewable at her website or on Facebook on her business page, DonnaLynSpeaks

For more information contact Lori Saybolt, Co-President of the LSBPA
732-859-9010 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In 2003, after years of hosting world travelers through our Red Bank Rotary International Exchange program, we daringly decided to go TO Haiti on a mission trip with business clients and founders of Aslan Youth Ministries, Craig and LynnAnn Bogard. I remember Craig saying "this trip will change your life" but I had no idea about the scope of change to which he was referring. The goal of our trip was simple: to make new friends. My immediate response was "but we can do so much more! What do they need the most now? How can we help them?". Craig smiled and said that we'd go to their homeland in the spirit of friendship and play it by ear, with some backround goals around the development of recently purchased land, as time permitted. Lets just say I didn't get it. I couldn't fathom why we werent being more focused and gift goal oriented, but  we proceeded to visit our first third world country with an open mind at the invitation of our hosts.

Well, even before devastating earthquakes to the region, let's just say that Haiti greeted us in the spirit of a fourth world country. It was shocking to see, hear, taste and feel the conditions of living endured by these gentle people. The kids were curious, happy, singing and dancing while the parents seemed to be at peace with their fate. At the end of the day, we did teach eager students how to build desks for their schools where we taught them English. Tom constructed a make shift basketball net and backboard for their after school play. We also left them with a pack of power tools and the skills to continue to build shelves for their thatched huts in between writing poetry and gazing at the biggest stars at night we'd ever seen. But most importantly, we made a lot of new friends. We stayed for a week but enlarged one another's lives for a lifetime. Accepting the 2012 Narnia Award from Aslan Youth Ministries was a humbling honor and reminder that daring adventures are our collective birthright and especially sweet when we help one another live more enriching lives.


Honored to accept Narnia Award 2012 at Island Nights Aslan Ministries Celebration with founders Craig and Lynn Ann Bogard July 14 2012.


Every once in a while, its great to hear a fabulous motivational speaker. It can recharge your business batteries or your love for life. But becoming dependant on mega mantras and the hype and hustle that often go with them, rarely helps people transform their lives long term. In my opinion, developing informed long term healthy habits and creating a meaningful inner life is the real ticket to improving performance, so I encourage others to take the time to recharge, realign and relax. It will quell your need to latch onto something fleeting or unsustainable. My hope is you will connect more deeply to the most caring and courageous person you know - YOU! Here's one way we reduce stress and "drop off the hustle" on the weekends through our connectedness with nature at Yoga on the Lake! Namaste...

Yoga Deck

My last post mentioned the importance of long term, informed good habits in lieu of quick fixes and hyped up hustle. So how does someone attain excellence in anything? Well, in two words, practice and perseverance. This concept is nothing new. Business experts share research that indicate it takes 10,000 hours to perfect a trade, skill or command an area of expertise (think surgeon, olympian, successful businessleader). The reason we often like to listen to motivational speakers is because we wish their results could be more easily attainable with just high energy and hype. At the end of the day, folks that have achieved success in business, life, athletics or advocacy have done the work... in the spirit of focused work and endless hours. So the next time you enjoy a great motivational speech, remember its really about the effort and the enthusiasm combining to create a great end product. Good luck! 

Presenting on Daring Adventures everywhere and anywhere it serves... Thanks Navesink Business Group, Andesa Financial Services, Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and Ocean Grove Women's Weekend planners for the opportunity to share what's possible through challenge for all in the consumer and corporate space. Free Business Networking presentation June 12 8am at the Brookdale Hazlet location on How to Own Any Room, Anywhere, Anytime. Reserve Today! All welcome.

Its been a busy Spring speaking season empowering others in business and wellness in the spirit of wild possibilities and daring adventures. Thrilled to take time out to host our second annual KickCancerOverboard funfest at sea with 100 cruisers again in our second year of sailing. Thanks to the generosity of many corporate sponsors, generous donors and tireless leadership from the KCO cruise team, we've successful sent 60 deserving survivors and caretakers for free to Bermuda with us to date! Our base is broadening, our momentum is gaining so if you're not "on board" yet, please join us at KickCancerOverboard.org to volunteer, cruise, sponsor or nominate a compelling story for our 2013 cruise. We're already planning our next Daring Adventure at sea and we'd love to see you there with us!


Social Media Mavens move with momentum! Our power panelists did a superb job enlightening our business crowd on all things social media from strategy to video to texting to reputation management on Friday April 27 at The Red Bank Womans Club.


 If you were overwhelmed or not sure where to start and how to progress, you got lots of immediately useable tips on how to be smart and strategic in your brand building efforts. Bravo to panelists Elkay Corporate Advisors, Peninsula Realty, ViewByText, Sheraton, Eatontown, Social Media Wizards, Angela Foster, esq and RJK Media. Next empowerment event is in the making and next "skill up" workshop on Presentational Prowess is currently booking via paypal now.  Just click on the "workshops" link here and scroll down to reserve your spot. Happy Spring! See you on your favorite social media channel.


The new Spring issue of Jersey Shore Woman Newspaper features women on the move, DonnaLyn Giegerich Wellness and Empowerment Speaking, Stephanie Marie Hanvey, Elaine Morales from Not Just a Daydream Physique Transformation, Regina Foley, RN and Cherie Cattanach.

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