Modeling in midlife was never on my radar screen...until cancer came knocking on my door. Now almost a half century, I'm daringly on the runway, in print media and on pageant stages platforming for rare cancer awareness. It's nothing short of crazy, but I've learned at this stage in life to roll with it... especially if I can showcase what's possible thru a health crisis to encourage others.

I recently had the distinct honor to model as the Grove Girl for the fabulous local lifestyle shopping center beloved by all...The Grove in Shrewsbury. I thought the assignment would be quick and easy. Little did I know I'd be sweating on a rock trying to get the infamous photographer, Danny Sanchez to nod over one pose of many. Consummate professional he was but I hadn't worked that hard in his business ever! Factor in the rain, the wrong original outfit and dark, ominous skies and we had less than perfect circumstances for an easy day out on a photo shoot. Luckily, I was surrounded by fun folks able to make the project a daring adventure, regardless of dark, rainy heavens. Thank you, team!

Grove Girl

The best part of the project was being able to elevate and celebrate the shops I frequent at the Grove. Running to Lululemon for fine yoga wear to teach classes comfortably and fashionably is one of my favorite shopping trips. I recently enjoyed a Sunday yoga class at the store's entry abutting the gorgeous gardens and beautifully sounding fountains. Perfect yogic venue! I've also meet colleagues and clients over the years to discuss business and community service projects at Starbucks...always trying to refrain from the dessert case while ordering a wide variety of teas. I've been fifty percent successful resisting decadent desserts over the years but their lemon poundcake usually takes me down... which is why I'll be on the treadmill in addition to the yoga mat for the rest of my life!

When glam calls, Glow delivers...I've never bought anything at Glow over the years that I didn't wear well and often. Ask proprietress MaryAnne... she still laughs when I come in the store raving about that "old" dress that keeps winning praises. I didn't have room to compliment Neves jewelers for their years of fine, friendly repair service and Mac for many makeovers before and after mid life pageantry, so I'll thank them here. My Grove Girl assignment ended with a customized note on Papery stationary for the Grove girls and guy that help make this all happen! Little did they know my favorite past time besides yoga, pound cake and shopping was daring adventures! I'd love to hear about yours... feel free to email me here so we can compare notes!