Honored to craft and facilitate two PowerPanelist events in 2013 around women repurposing their work lives and women that work hard, play hard. Our full house programming at the Red Bank Women's Club gathered smart, vibrant women in the spirit of collaboration, connection and commitment to community. March's program supported the Sandy rebuild efforts for Boondocks Fishery in Marine Park, Red Bank and May's event helped another KickCancerOverboard candidate get closer to a tropical island cruise! Our non profit has sent over 80 folks adversely affected by cancer on a funfest to sea for free and there's no stopping us now! Here are some key takeaway comments from our audience and power panelists at our sold out events:
1. Amazing networking! Always meet interesting and generous lifeleaders from around the state!
2. Love the energy in the room, the authentic & diverse power panelist share and professional facilitation! I'm a repeater and look forward to the next event!
3. Sponsors were aligned well with the program topic and I never felt pressured or pitched.
4. Food is fabulous..fresh, healthy, happy juices and an eclectic selection always from the vendors.
5. Love the comfortable, warm and inviting vibe that this historic Victorian provides the attendees..perfect venue in a hip little town!
Fall programming in motion! Don't miss us... Namaste...
Power Panelist May