A wise sage once said "you dont age until your regrets outnumber your dreams". How's your ratio? One of the great honors in coaching high potential and seasoned leaders is supporting them as they craft and deliver their dreams. Some want to improve their groove in how they show up in the world, others want to lead more effectively and some want to learn how to be more passionate at the podium. Others want to strategically grow their businesses, expand their lives or simply redirect their efforts in the spirit of a life better lived. There's a growing countercultural movement gaining momentum around slowing down. So if being a workaholic is holding you back from being your best in business or life, it may be time to retrain your brain. Maybe its time to craft a calmer way of being by connecting with your inner tortoise. Feel free to join our community of life and businessleaders at facebook.com/YogaOnTheLakeSummerSeries every Saturday this summer. You may actually pause long enough to envision those dreams that will keep you unregrettably young!

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