This much I know is true! Three themes keep reappearing through my coaching work empowering coastal businessleaders back to business post Sandy. As a business consultant for the Small Business Development Center (funded by the SBA) at Brookdale, I've had the honor of working with some resilient entrepreneurs lately.

Lesson One: Cream always rises to the top. Through all the chaos and heartbreak, these people keep powering through change. Some call it resilience, others coin it hardiness. At the end of the day, its been amazing to watch focused fighters get back to what they do best... whether its design a dessert, craft a coiffure or retail an outrageous deliverable.

Lesson Two: Good guys DO win. You might not read about it on the front page of the news but it's happening and I'm grateful to see it here for the well deserving.

Lesson Three: Nothing replaces great relationships. John Maxwell will tell you talent is never enough and Malcolm Gladwell will direct you to put in your ten thousand hours of training. Heed both but stay connected. Restricting your reach and curbing your curiosity is always limiting. I've watched businesses blossom and networking groups grow that embrace an abundant mindset instead of shrinking due to territorialism and limited learning. The real changemakers master all three lessons to storm the doors wide open for more success. Thanks Sandy!