My last post mentioned the importance of long term, informed good habits in lieu of quick fixes and hyped up hustle. So how does someone attain excellence in anything? Well, in two words, practice and perseverance. This concept is nothing new. Business experts share research that indicate it takes 10,000 hours to perfect a trade, skill or command an area of expertise (think surgeon, olympian, successful businessleader). The reason we often like to listen to motivational speakers is because we wish their results could be more easily attainable with just high energy and hype. At the end of the day, folks that have achieved success in business, life, athletics or advocacy have done the work... in the spirit of focused work and endless hours. So the next time you enjoy a great motivational speech, remember its really about the effort and the enthusiasm combining to create a great end product. Good luck! 

Every once in a while, its great to hear a fabulous motivational speaker. It can recharge your business batteries or your love for life. But becoming dependant on mega mantras and the hype and hustle that often go with them, rarely helps people transform their lives long term. In my opinion, developing informed long term healthy habits and creating a meaningful inner life is the real ticket to improving performance, so I encourage others to take the time to recharge, realign and relax. It will quell your need to latch onto something fleeting or unsustainable. My hope is you will connect more deeply to the most caring and courageous person you know - YOU! Here's one way we reduce stress and "drop off the hustle" on the weekends through our connectedness with nature at Yoga on the Lake! Namaste...

Yoga Deck

Presenting on Daring Adventures everywhere and anywhere it serves... Thanks Navesink Business Group, Andesa Financial Services, Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and Ocean Grove Women's Weekend planners for the opportunity to share what's possible through challenge for all in the consumer and corporate space. Free Business Networking presentation June 12 8am at the Brookdale Hazlet location on How to Own Any Room, Anywhere, Anytime. Reserve Today! All welcome.

Its been a busy Spring speaking season empowering others in business and wellness in the spirit of wild possibilities and daring adventures. Thrilled to take time out to host our second annual KickCancerOverboard funfest at sea with 100 cruisers again in our second year of sailing. Thanks to the generosity of many corporate sponsors, generous donors and tireless leadership from the KCO cruise team, we've successful sent 60 deserving survivors and caretakers for free to Bermuda with us to date! Our base is broadening, our momentum is gaining so if you're not "on board" yet, please join us at to volunteer, cruise, sponsor or nominate a compelling story for our 2013 cruise. We're already planning our next Daring Adventure at sea and we'd love to see you there with us!


Social Media Mavens move with momentum! Our power panelists did a superb job enlightening our business crowd on all things social media from strategy to video to texting to reputation management on Friday April 27 at The Red Bank Womans Club.


 If you were overwhelmed or not sure where to start and how to progress, you got lots of immediately useable tips on how to be smart and strategic in your brand building efforts. Bravo to panelists Elkay Corporate Advisors, Peninsula Realty, ViewByText, Sheraton, Eatontown, Social Media Wizards, Angela Foster, esq and RJK Media. Next empowerment event is in the making and next "skill up" workshop on Presentational Prowess is currently booking via paypal now.  Just click on the "workshops" link here and scroll down to reserve your spot. Happy Spring! See you on your favorite social media channel.


The new Spring issue of Jersey Shore Woman Newspaper features women on the move, DonnaLyn Giegerich Wellness and Empowerment Speaking, Stephanie Marie Hanvey, Elaine Morales from Not Just a Daydream Physique Transformation, Regina Foley, RN and Cherie Cattanach.

women on the move

Balance may be a myth but I'm still trying to walk the talk!.. Met lots of high potentials as keynoter at Brookdale's Womens History Month last week.. Lots of students motivated to move the needle forward in their careers in the spirit of Daring Adventures... Honored to share some tips on how they can stay focused and firm in purpose as they grow their skillsets and establish their careers...

Also spoke with wellness seekers at the Cancer Support Community on the 4 Ps of Perseverance last week... so hopefully many more will recommit to the notion that we ALL only have today to live "full out".. Will be speaking about Daring Adventures thru challenge with dedicated American Cancer Society supporters in Rumson this week... Murphy's Tavern 6:30pm April 12...

Lastly, consider joining me for a Wellness Weekend with Women in Ocean Grove May 4-6 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 732-774-1391... Will be keynoting 7pm Friday night to kick off the fab weekend of seminars and workshops offered to "refill your well", then head to the NJ Marathon Sat 5pm to speak with marathoners at the NJM Expo on wild possibilities.. Running through chemo isnt for everybody but a strong mind, body and spirit certainly helps! Sun May 6 is race day with my sneakers ON for KickCancerOverboard and all the survivors and thrivers that cant run for themselves this year. Honored and lucky to be bringin it!

Women's Weekend

Honored to model beautiful couture creations from the Thomas Lavone collection to benefit NJ kids with cancer March 23 in Manhattan. Lucky to elevate and celebrate daring adventures in fashion to benefit kids living with cancer as a sarcoma survivor & caretaker, spokesperson and virtual columnist for a national health advocacy. Always so much fun to glam up and slow down to support a great organization like the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation that provides services and support to make a cancer journey less difficult for the kids. Congrats to Darius Gibbs, Thomas Lavone and all the vendors, models and supporters that collaborated to make the night a huge success.

Warwick Runway NYC

Magnificent MontanaEnjoying the balmy NJ winter this year by staying connected to the great outdoors between business and advocacy focus and fun. KickCancerOverboard is busting at the seams as we gear up for our Second Annual Fashion/Dance Extravaganza Mar 12 at The Two River Theatre. Come on out and cheer on our over 20 models showcasing survivorship and caretaking at a higher level! The collaboration for this event has been astounding and we're always jazzed to be able to send more folks to Bermuda with us for free each year..Look for us on local TV, radio and various media outlets as we elevate and celebrate daring adventures thru challenge in service to others. Come cruise with us May 19 2012 on the Royal Caribbean!

Penning this post from the magnificence of Montana.. skiing our legs off with dear friends after 5 yrs of hospital stays and uncertainties around medical madness. Feeling very lucky to be celebrating the active life, creating more empowering workshops, coaching others on cultivating confidence in the corp and consumer space and conducting client care. Next week its back to the office for more fun, less fear and many more exciting projects to help others go wider, deeper in their passionate pursuits.

Over sixty brainy beauties converged on Feb 10 at The Red Bank Womens Club to learn with four purposeful panelists sharing their experiences, advice and vision on their bold business and advocacy brands in 2012. Vendors provided healthy food and drinks while a diverse group of attendees mixed and mingled to create great energy and new connections around wild possibilities for everyone. For more information on our outstanding panelists, please connect with Mrs New Jersey, Ceylone Boothe Grooms on facebook or at, Sarah Krug on LinkedIn, Christina Penatello at, Red Bank and Rev. Tiffany Williams at Thank you to all the supporters and attendees that made this inaugural event a blast off... Video coming soon thanks to Action Media Productions. Honored to create and deliver an event that captures the essence of a quote put forth by Laura Ipsen, SVP of Global Policy & Government Affairs at Cisco "Seek diversity in your experiences & continue to learn and grow your brand."

Woman's Conference Panelists

Here's what attendees are saying about the sold out Brains & Beauty PowerPanelist event Feb 10:

"Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your empowerment business event! I already got a new customer by simply donating a door prize!" R. Decker, Red Bank businessowner

"WOW! What a morning! I am still flying high from the positive energy and content share! This was the best meeting I have attended in a long time. I feel like I'm being fed! Thank you, DonnaLyn. You are truly an inspiration to me." Linda S., local businessowner

"DonnaLyn... Your program was very inspirational and great for making connections. Thanks for doing it! " April K., Pres. PR firm

"Diverse, dynamic panelist presentation...Something for everyone on the topics of work, women, brains & beauty. Best event of its type I've attended. Totally uplifting..." Rose C., Dir of Community Outreach

Lucky to have spent a sensationally sunny week in Puerto Vallarta sharing the gift of yoga with world travelers recently. YogiHub & I delighted in meeting and greeting up to 25 yogi travelers daily at 9am for a Sunrise Beach Yoga teach at oceans edge. Not surprisingly, many travelers were Canadian Yogi's visiting for destination weddings or work reprieves early in the New Year. This has got to be among the Top part time work getaway experiences on the planet and have been blessed to be doing this on and off for five years. Two great book recommendations received from traveling yogi pals include Buddha's Brain by Dr Rick Hanson, a neuroscientist that pens on happiness, love & wisdom and The Gifts of Perfection-Let Go Who You Think You're Supposed to Be & Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown.. Great book reads for a yoga vacation in marvelous Mexico or anywhere! I'll be sure to bring all these lessons learned on this vacation back to the podium and workspace at home on leadership resiliency, relationship building and life/work balance. Ask me about the yogi traveler I met that's the Culture Director at her corporation on the West Coast. Her sole purpose is to make sure all her employees are having FUN everyday. Now that's a big OMM for home!

Mexico Yoga

Mexico Yoga