Over sixty brainy beauties converged on Feb 10 at The Red Bank Womens Club to learn with four purposeful panelists sharing their experiences, advice and vision on their bold business and advocacy brands in 2012. Vendors provided healthy food and drinks while a diverse group of attendees mixed and mingled to create great energy and new connections around wild possibilities for everyone. For more information on our outstanding panelists, please connect with Mrs New Jersey, Ceylone Boothe Grooms on facebook or at ceyloneboothe.com, Sarah Krug on LinkedIn, Christina Penatello at fredastaire.com, Red Bank and Rev. Tiffany Williams at iamesther.org. Thank you to all the supporters and attendees that made this inaugural event a blast off... Video coming soon thanks to Action Media Productions. Honored to create and deliver an event that captures the essence of a quote put forth by Laura Ipsen, SVP of Global Policy & Government Affairs at Cisco "Seek diversity in your experiences & continue to learn and grow your brand."

Woman's Conference Panelists

Here's what attendees are saying about the sold out Brains & Beauty PowerPanelist event Feb 10:

"Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your empowerment business event! I already got a new customer by simply donating a door prize!" R. Decker, Red Bank businessowner

"WOW! What a morning! I am still flying high from the positive energy and content share! This was the best meeting I have attended in a long time. I feel like I'm being fed! Thank you, DonnaLyn. You are truly an inspiration to me." Linda S., local businessowner

"DonnaLyn... Your program was very inspirational and great for making connections. Thanks for doing it! " April K., Pres. PR firm

"Diverse, dynamic panelist presentation...Something for everyone on the topics of work, women, brains & beauty. Best event of its type I've attended. Totally uplifting..." Rose C., Dir of Community Outreach

Lucky to have spent a sensationally sunny week in Puerto Vallarta sharing the gift of yoga with world travelers recently. YogiHub & I delighted in meeting and greeting up to 25 yogi travelers daily at 9am for a Sunrise Beach Yoga teach at oceans edge. Not surprisingly, many travelers were Canadian Yogi's visiting for destination weddings or work reprieves early in the New Year. This has got to be among the Top part time work getaway experiences on the planet and have been blessed to be doing this on and off for five years. Two great book recommendations received from traveling yogi pals include Buddha's Brain by Dr Rick Hanson, a neuroscientist that pens on happiness, love & wisdom and The Gifts of Perfection-Let Go Who You Think You're Supposed to Be & Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown.. Great book reads for a yoga vacation in marvelous Mexico or anywhere! I'll be sure to bring all these lessons learned on this vacation back to the podium and workspace at home on leadership resiliency, relationship building and life/work balance. Ask me about the yogi traveler I met that's the Culture Director at her corporation on the West Coast. Her sole purpose is to make sure all her employees are having FUN everyday. Now that's a big OMM for home!

Mexico Yoga

Mexico Yoga

Excited to empower suvivors & caretakers at Cancer101org in New Year!

DonnaLyn on_NYSE_Floor
DonnaLyn Badge_NYSE

Need an uplifting message of Less Fear, More Fun this year? Learn from a local Daring Adventurer and midlife Fashionista how Crisis can be turned into a Freeway of Opportunity in service to others. 

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Your 4 P's

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT is an integrated business & wellness spokesleader motivating corporate teams and individuals on how to overcome adversity with grace, grit and style. She is a national spokeswoman, midlife model, seasoned businessowner and co-founder of KickCancerOverboard.org, an empowering paradigm sending folks affected by cancer to Bermuda for FREE each year.

Winding down a busy year empowering others in business and life as a speaker/coach and advocate...Loved the 50+ speaking engagements but have to admit the end of year wind down is gladly welcomed!..Had a blast meeting, greeting and speaking about Daring Adventures from the Empowerment Panel in service to others at the NJWomens Conference this weekend. MacEvents, Spring Lake did a fabulous job in their inaugural year launching a well run event to celebrate all things female. Thanks Meridian and other major sponsors for supporting women in wellness at the Expo. Met several new businesses like Hot & Soul Yoga at Centrex while milling through the expo with established businesses such as Sexy Amore of Brielle, Posch Boutique, Rumson and Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Red Bank. Back to the office now until the next Daring Adventure on the horizon!

Yiks! Pumpkin Powder in October?!! Yogis know to resist nothing so we're celebrating this crazy weather and continuing our Daring Adventures in service to others...just back from presenting "Can Leaders Influence Hardiness?" in Atlantic City at the GSC-SHRM 20 yr Annual Convention...lets just say being Resilient has its benefits!..For those of you not familiar with the acronym, its the Garden State Council -Society of Human Resource Managers big annual gathering to celebrate the future of HR leadership here in NJ...lots of meet and greet, thought provoking presentations and a super keynote from Ryan Estis...grateful to be in the presenting mix after some Wild West Leadership Training Tucson style in the gorgeous state of Arizona...Happy to touch down in the comfort of Red Bank now for some balancing yoga classes at the Atlantic Club and Navesink Fitness...Love my yoga pals and look forward to ramping things up for wonderful women this weekend at the inaugural NJWomensExpo at Brookdale Community College...please say hello if you can attend! Will be speaking from the Empowerment Panel at 11am and then leading in the Zen Garden with dear yoga instructing friends at 2:45pm...Come on out and learn about the beauty and basics of Yoga and Meditation... Namaste and Networking at its best!

Spent the weekend expanding my mind around somatic therapies at the Open Center in NYC, the world’s largest holistic learning center. Oh how life has gotten so much more daring since I studied Prana Yoga and received RYT certification there in 2006 with holistic MD, Dr Jeff Migdow. It was so great to be back in a place that celebrates integrated health and wellness and welcomes the community to indulge in life long learning amidst bubbling fountains, fine organic food and a quaint lobby library. This session was all about Reflexology as another stress reducing technique to restore our weary bodies, minds and spirits..from the bottom up! My goal was to learn the paradigm to share with several important people in my life: my husband that endures treatment based neuropathy, my yoga students that love relaxation and anybody else I might encounter climbing mountains in life(literally and figuratively) that need a relaxing technique to take them deeper down into their bliss body. So if you’d like a treatment that will knock your socks off, ping me for an appointment…I’m at your feet!

Was thrilled to VIP this week with friends at the Bryant Park Hotel, NYC to celebrate Fashion Week . We attended to support and admire the work of one of our favorite designers, NJ based Thomas Lavone. The man’s got a large heart beating for fashion but an even bigger brand bringing classic beauty with flair to the runway for women of all sizes. Hoorah! Super fabrics, knockout designs and a passion for service to community make him a designer I’m proud to wear and support. Check out his Spring 2012 line at thomaslavone.com

Awaiting Hurricane Irene after experiencing our first earthquake this week... Wow!... We really are living a Daring Adventure! Life doesn't get nuttier than all this! So grateful to finally be able to start blogging about all the Daring Adventures we've experienced in the past five years...now that we've received a fabulous reprieve from a non stop tumultuous dual cancer couple crusade. We believe our challenge showed up in a peculiar way so that we might be able to serve others in a meaningful way through our journey. If we can keep living a highly experiential life between stem cell transplants, endless rounds of chemo and monster surgery, then hopefully someone will be inspired to do similarly...without all the drama. This is what I tell my audiences in my empowerment speeches in the wellness, corporate and education space. My life mantra has always been "Life is a Daring Adventure or Nothing at all" as Helen Keller has said so well. I've made it my personal mission to live in the spirit of her ideals and feel lucky to be able to share some resiliency tips with you...

Here are my four P's to help you persevere: First.. develop broad PERSPECTIVE around the entire landscape of your life. Sure today might be terrifying but don't forget about all the amazingly wonderful days that you enjoyed to the fullest. Hopefully, the good days have outweighted the challenging ones in many ways. Second..continue to surround yourself with fabulous PEOPLE..we cant control much in life but we can choose to fortify our network of family & friends with generous and kind folks that share many of our values and interests. We can also decide to drop off energy vampires in the spirit of love and surrender around what no longer serves us. I believe we're here to be happy and in service to others, not miserably "stuck" in relationship with others. Thirdly, we can choose to be PASSIONATE in our lives including our hobbies, work, wellness and lifelong learning pursuits. The choice is ours alone. Commitment to self care as a top priority allows us to show up for others at our best most often. Lastly, I've found the most rewarding benefit of any challenge, large or small, is to help someone else navigate their slippery slope in the spirit of hope to cope...Some call it PAYING it forward so that they have an easier time managing their stress and transforming it into a Daring Adventure of their very own!

Modeling in midlife was never on my radar screen...until cancer came knocking on my door. Now almost a half century, I'm daringly on the runway, in print media and on pageant stages platforming for rare cancer awareness. It's nothing short of crazy, but I've learned at this stage in life to roll with it... especially if I can showcase what's possible thru a health crisis to encourage others.

I recently had the distinct honor to model as the Grove Girl for the fabulous local lifestyle shopping center beloved by all...The Grove in Shrewsbury. I thought the assignment would be quick and easy. Little did I know I'd be sweating on a rock trying to get the infamous photographer, Danny Sanchez to nod over one pose of many. Consummate professional he was but I hadn't worked that hard in his business ever! Factor in the rain, the wrong original outfit and dark, ominous skies and we had less than perfect circumstances for an easy day out on a photo shoot. Luckily, I was surrounded by fun folks able to make the project a daring adventure, regardless of dark, rainy heavens. Thank you, team!

Grove Girl

The best part of the project was being able to elevate and celebrate the shops I frequent at the Grove. Running to Lululemon for fine yoga wear to teach classes comfortably and fashionably is one of my favorite shopping trips. I recently enjoyed a Sunday yoga class at the store's entry abutting the gorgeous gardens and beautifully sounding fountains. Perfect yogic venue! I've also meet colleagues and clients over the years to discuss business and community service projects at Starbucks...always trying to refrain from the dessert case while ordering a wide variety of teas. I've been fifty percent successful resisting decadent desserts over the years but their lemon poundcake usually takes me down... which is why I'll be on the treadmill in addition to the yoga mat for the rest of my life!

When glam calls, Glow delivers...I've never bought anything at Glow over the years that I didn't wear well and often. Ask proprietress MaryAnne... she still laughs when I come in the store raving about that "old" dress that keeps winning praises. I didn't have room to compliment Neves jewelers for their years of fine, friendly repair service and Mac for many makeovers before and after mid life pageantry, so I'll thank them here. My Grove Girl assignment ended with a customized note on Papery stationary for the Grove girls and guy that help make this all happen! Little did they know my favorite past time besides yoga, pound cake and shopping was daring adventures! I'd love to hear about yours... feel free to email me here so we can compare notes!


Self Care First. Nothing meaningful can be created without a strong foundation. As a twenty year successful business owner, professional speaker, community leader and fitness enthusiast, I believe commitment to self-care enhances success in other areas of your life. Lift as you climb, collaborate instead of competing, network with abandon and ask for help when you need it. Pursue your work and life goals in the spirit of abundance. Focus. Commit. Share and care genuinely and embrace each day as a daring adventure in service to others. Elevating your giftedness in the world is the essence of impactful living and is your birthright!” - DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT , Integrated Business & Wellness SpokesLeader