"What a fabulous gift to hear you present today! Thank you for sharing your talent, insights, and inspirational story with us."
S. Tu, Two River Women in Business Networking Group

"I think our awards event was perfect thanks to your positive presence and expert coaching."
Joe Sinacore - National Kidney Registry - kidneyregistry.org

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your Resiliency talk this morning. You are clearly passionate about helping others become more resiilent."
R. Das, Owner, Twin Lights Group

"Thank you so very much for presenting to the Two Rivers Women in Business Consortium this morning. Every participant gave me wonderful feedback on how you helped elevate their game!"
D. Downey, CFA, Your Personal Fiscal Trainer

"As the founder of the Women's Networking Group at AIG American General in Neptune, NJ, I was challenged to find innovative and credible speakers that could inspire the ladies in our group to rise to their highest potential, especially during the troubling time that had beset AIG. I was so fortunate that a colleague introduced me to Donnalyn, and I quickly found that she fit the bill for our speaker series. Donnalyn's presentation, "Success in Tough Economic Times: Possibilities in the Challenges!" was exactly what our group needed. Drawing from her own life experiences and making a strong personal connection with the group, Donnalyn shared the key characteristics of resilient women, demonstrated how to apply those strengths in their work and personal life, and most importantly, how to integrate fun and pleasure into every day. I highly recommend Donnalyn as a motivational speaker for any organization seeking a highly accomplished, professional, and witty spirit."
Shari Ciapka, Vice President

"I cannot provide an adequate testimonial for Donnalyn because nothing can capture the awesome vitality of the real thing - she is the perfect prescription for anyone in doubt about their ability to handle the many personal and professional curves that life can throw at us! Her presentation at our Firm's Women's Business Initiative event was truly inspiring!"
Kathleen Connolly, partner at Lindabury, McCormick & Estabrook

"If you are looking for off-your-feet motivation and inspiration, you must attend/participate in the next speaking event with Donnalyn! Her ever-charged, positive attitude and sincerity comes across the moment she begins sharing her inspirational journey. Donna's talks are extremely engaging and thought-provoking. She is truly an inspiration to me and instrumental in improving many aspects of my life. I highly recommend her for your next conference / seminar."
Pat Mayer, Sales Associate, Diane Turton Realtors

"Donnalyn understands and teaches the power of business building through networking. She motivates and empowers women to be the best they can be. I met Donnalyn in New York City, where she was volunteering her time on an executive panel for Women Unlimited's Lead program, designed to hone the skills of high-potential, female contributors at Fortune 500 companies. Her phrase "Lift as you Climb" is not just a cliche and has inspired me to do the same. More recently Donnalyn was the keynote speaker at a Women's Leadership Conference in Reading, Pennsylvania, where she captivated the audience including myself with her message "Empower Yourself Beginning Now"."
Beth Quickel, Assistant Director, Reading Eagle Company

"An engaging, energetic and charismatic personality makes Donnalyn Giegerich one of Monmouth County's most sought after speakers. Donnalyn delivers her message with poise, confidence and humor and keeps audiences riveted with her story of personal and professional survival in the face of adversity. Her "can do" attitude is infectious and will inspire you to face your challenges with newfound determination. Donnalyn has been an active member of the Board of Directors, presenting speaker at our Business Council meetings on topics ranging from risk management, business building to social media and has emceed our annual recognition fundraising event. Additionally, Donnalyn has been awarded by EMACC with our coveted Spinnaker Award TWICE for her many contributions to the organization and the community at large."
Lynda Rose, President/COO, Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce

"Donnalyn was enaging and so spot on with her perspective on networking for my group of 30 Executive women in the WOMEN Unlimited program. Her exercises so helpful in overcoming any fears or anxiety related to business networking experiences and so easy to follow! The group asked for more workshops like the one Donna Lyn provided and I would without question reccomend Donna Lyn to any company or organization that is looking to broaden the skills in the arena of networking or relationship building."
Jeanie Coomber, President, Transition Enterprises

"Great presentation! You were insightful, relevant and connected to your audience. You made the event a success with lots of positive feedback. Please come back!"
Jessica Bright, Citi Smith Barney

"Donnalyn is not only a successful business owner, community service leader, and powerful public speaker, but also an extraordinary networker that's teaching others how to use Twitter to maximize connections with customers, colleagues, influencers, friends, and partners. Her enthusiasm for Twitter and commitment to helping others enlarge their lives through social media networking put her out front in the Red Bank area -- from thought leadership to hands-on tactics for harnessing this powerful tool."
L.Karasic, PR Expert

"Your message on overcoming adversity and the importance of proper planning had a huge impact on me at the Women's Financial Education Forum at Bamm Hollow CC. Thank you."
Cassandra Chandler, Financial Advisor, UBS

"I met Donnalyn at a National Speakers Association Conference in Orlando, Florida. We had an instant connection. Donnalyn is so passionate about Sarcoma awareness her enthusiasm and energy is incredible. She speaks passionately from the heart and she is always willing to extend a helping hand. If you are looking for someone that speaks from the heart with a natural gift for inspiring an audience then contact Donnalyn a smart, business savvy woman with an uplifting message."
Zelda Greenberg, Speaker, Author and Radio Host The Bounce Back Guru Show, Zelda The Bounce Back Guru

"You ought to meet Donnalyn Giegerich. Her journey is truly awe-inspiring, she motivates women in all walks of life, and she's coming to Deerfield Spa -- a place that's launched countless personal turnarounds in the last 30 years -- in May for a series of self-empowerment workshops about overcoming adversity with less fear, more fun. "
Joan Wolff, Owner Deerfield Spa

"I highly recommend Donnalyn for all your insurance needs. She is dedicated to her clients and has detailed knowledge of the insurance industry."
Dorothy Secol, Owner, Paralegal Services, Insurance Client

"I switched from my previous insurance agent who didn't care about my business. Donnalyn is an expert in her field and has a wealth of experience. recommend Donnalyn Very Highly. If you haven't met with her yet, why not see what she can do for your insurance needs? I know, like & trust Donnalyn and her comapny"
Bill Atkins, Owner, Red Bank Limo, Insurance Client

"For your personal and business insurance needs, I very highly recommend Mrs. Red Bank Us, a rocking renaissance woman. Donnalyn Giegerich has taken care of all our insurance needs for the last 15 years, and it all boils down to TRUST! I certainly don't have the time to read all the fineprint (nor would I understand most of it). Donnalyn has the patience to explain even the most complicated policy in a language I can understand, and without using hard-sell techniques. She doesn't have to! Why would anybody listen to an ape, a ahecko, a caveman or a duck??? Trust me, you are in BETTER HANDS with Donnalyn, who can give you advice, service and selection of companies a caveman couldn't dream of!"
Ted Friedli, Owner, Excel Travel, Insurance Client

"Thank you for the wonderful wake-up call. You're my hero. For some, life is the ultimate challenge and you face it fearlessly."
Ann Higgins, President, Utopia Communications

"You have a natural gift for drawing people in your remarkable story. Keep spreading the joy to encourage others!"
Dr. Steven Q. Wang, director of Dermatologic Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering

"You were an inspirational keynote for the State of NJ on the Unmet Needs of Cancer Survivors for the Cancer Institute at Robert Wood Johnson.... You're on your way to the top ... again!"
Gay Lynch, Senior Consultant, Conective Energy

"Each time I hear you speak, I marvel at your ability to continue to greet life with enthusiasm, determination and grit. Keep up the great work!"
Arlene Surek, Owner, Nutrition Solutions4Life

"I've known Donnalyn for over twenty years as a business professional so I hired her for yoga privates to help me with my back ailments. I never realized the power of yoga and have benefitted spiritually & mentally, as a result. I have also subsequently lost 35 lbs and my back pain is gone!"
C. Reynolds, Owner, B.P.A Inc

"Donnalyn is one of the most gregarious and inspiring people I have met in my life. She is a proven successful businesswoman, dedicated yoga instructor, motivational speaker and tireless advocate for LMS awareness. She has enriched my life with her zest for her own despite adversity."
C. Sullivan, yoga private client

"You were amazing and felt sooooo empowered by your Strength and Confidence. You have already made such an impact in so many ways."
Maria McKeon, women's advocate, personal trainer and yoga instructor

"You are a strong influence on many, a powerful voice for rare cancers and a rock for so many... Thank You!"
Tina Samaras, coaching client & yoga student